Among Us Android App and Nintedo Switch Reveiw by Veve

Ok so around thanksgiving 2020 I downloaded Among Us. I admit I was a noob but I’m getting better these are some things I like and dislike about Among Us.


 1. I love mysteries and among us is full of them 

2. I like all the different settings 

3. Sometimes the people who you least suspect are the imp.


  1. Some people say your sus without proof and its not you and it SOOOO annoying.
  2. People ban you for no reason.
  3. You can’t jump and don’t have arms which isn’t really a dislike its just kinda odd

Those are my likes and dislikes of Among Us.


(sus) Suspicious or suspect 

(imp) imposter  

(noob) new person who is kinda bad at the game.

I recommend this game.  Have you tried it tell me what you think. Leave a comment. Bye :).

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