Nintedo Switch Battle Crashers Review by VEVE

Hi guys this is veve and I’m here to tell you about battle crashers likes and dislikes. First I like when I’m gumball I get to blow dust on my enemies. I like that you get to see all these cool chacters and power moves when you use the phone. Third I love t he teamwork and trust building because you trust people to have your back and fight monsters. This is my likes list.

Dislike list.

On to the dislikes I don’t like that they don’t have more amazing world of gumball because I really really want to be penny. Plus they don’t tell us when we dye or where we are it makes the game harder. Also if your gumball and your teamates need to be blown of no problem if your gumball and u need to be blown of what are you supposed to do JUST WAIT IT OUT!!! Ok I’m fine I’m fine those were dislikes.

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