Nintendo Switch Battle Crashers Review by IVIV


Hey IVIV and I’m here with Battle Crashers its such a good game and here’s why. Battle crashers is a Nintendo switch game and I like it cause I get to smash my enemy’s with my hammer when I’m Fin and Jake. I also like that they pulled UNCLE GRANDPA, ADVENTURE TIME, AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBAL, STEVEN UNIVERSE, CLARENCE, and THE REGULAR SHOW into one game. I love that I get to play with my sister on the Nintendo Switch cause we have to share that thing and it is not easy to get along when we can’t play together ❤

There are some don’t likes about the game thou.  I wish they had more characters in STEVEN UNIVERSE part of the game cause I want to be amethyst so bad but theythe only have STEVEN! I’m chill. But the main problem os that they dont tell you when you die and its so confusing. But I love battling with my sisters and fighting my foes. I LOVE THIIS GAME AND I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU ITS SO GOOD IVIV OUT!

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