Nintendo Switch Minecraft Review by IVIV


Minecraft is life itself and more! Minecraft is so much better than Roblox and Fortnite like I don’t see the point in Fortnite why would you want to kill someone? Minecraft yes you can do that but it’s not the but it’s not the point of the game it doesn’t need a point cause it good👍

ANIMALS      There are so many animals! Their are 🐖,🐄,🐑,🐔,🐦, 🐱,🐕,🐟,🐙,🐰,🐼,🐬,polar 🐻,strider, 🐴,piglins, hoglins, zoglins, zom piglins,🐢,🐝,🐅,donkeys,Llamas




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